How Can I Check My Status?

The Settlement Facility established a website where claimants and their attorney of record can check on the status of a claim that has been submitted for review.  The website is called "My Claims" and is a secure and confidential way to view the status of a claim as of 24 hours ago. 

To become a user of "My Claims", you need a password from the Settlement Facility.  To request a password, complete the  Website Authorization Form and return it to the Settlement Facility for processing. To obtain a password, you must have a valid email address.  If you lose or forget your password, you may send an email to Claims Assistance by clicking on the "Contact Us" link below and a new password will be sent to the email address that is listed on the Website Authorization Form.  The Settlement Facility does not maintain a record of your password. 




 If you still have questions about your claim status after checking the My Claims site, you may contact Claims Assistance.