The Settlement Facility sent out emails to attorneys of record on September 7th  asking them to complete a short court-ordered survey. The survey asks attorneys to verify that they do or do not have any undistributed or uncashed claimant funds in their possession and that they not escheated claimant payments to the state. Follow the instructions carefully about what to do if you have undistributed or uncashed claimant funds in your escrow or trust account because you can't locate the claimant or the claimant is deceased and you are unable to appropriately distribute the funds. We urge all attorneys to respond to this survey within the 30 day deadline. This survey was ordered by the U.S. District Court and failure to complete and return it may result in legal action by the Finance Committee. To insure you receive it and isn't snagged by your spam filter you need to white-list all emails from the domain "" and "" to insure delivery.

If you have any questions about this survey or about uncashed or unclaimed claimant funds in your possession, please click the “Contact Us” link to email the Settlement Facility directly.