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Final Claim Filing Deadline June 3, 2019

73 Days

General Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions
Q16-5: I am not sure if my previously submitted medical records were complete. How will I know if I need to submit additional information?
Q16-6: If I previously submitted medical records to MDL-926 Claims Office, do I have to submit them again?
Q16-7: Where on the claim form do I state that all of my documents have been previously submitted?
Q16-8: Do I have to submit the original medical records or are copies good enough?
Q16-9: Are the identifiers of the explanted implant on your website or published someplace?
Q16-10: Since I was implanted, my name changed through marriage and/or divorce. How will the Settlement Facility be able to match my medical records if they contain different names? Should I write a list of the names that I have had and submit it?
Q16-11: If I disagree with my classification, how can I get it changed?
Q16-12: How can I contact the MDL–926 Claims Office about my claim in the Revised Settlement Program?
Q16-13: My claim forms were sent to my attorney (or former attorney). I no longer want that attorney to represent me, but (s)he will not give me my claim forms. How can I submit my claim if my former attorney won't give me my claim forms?
Q16-14: I am listed as the attorney of record for my client and received the claim form package on her behalf. Can I sign the forms for her or does the claimant need to sign the forms?
Q16-15: How do I know if I am listed as the attorney of record for my client?
Q16-16: How do I become an attorney of record for my client?
Q16-17: I am the attorney of record and can sign the claim forms for my clients. Can I use a stamped signature or must I sign each of the claim forms myself?
Q16-18: The MDL Claims Office sent me a letter stating that I have a Dow Corning and a Bristol implant and therefore my claim was reduced by 50%. According to the information in my claim package, a reference to a “Cronin” implant after 1971 is not acceptable proof that the implant was made by Dow Corning. Does this mean that I won’t receive anything for the Cronin implant?
Q16-19: I want to assign my rights to settlement proceeds from the Dow Bankruptcy case as collateral on a loan. Can I do this?
Q16-20: Does the Settlement Facility come under the HIPAA guidelines and regulations?
Q16-24: Is there a document anywhere that lists the identities of the Released Parties?
Q16-27: How can I find out more information about the Settling Insurers?
Q16-28: I am represented by an attorney. Why do I have to provide my address to the Settlement Facility?
Q16-30: I am an attorney and I received a W-9 Form from the Settlement Facility but I had already submitted my Tax Identification Number. Do I have to return this form?
Q16-32: I am in Class 8. What should I do now?
Q16-33: How can I find out if my health insurance plan is one of the settling health insurers?
Q16-34: Is there a newsletter or mailing list that I can be placed on to receive regular updates about the Settlement Facility?
Q16-35: My only implants are either 3M, McGhan or non-Dow Corning implants that are not eligible for settlement benefits. I do not wish to pursue litigation and want to withdraw my claim from the Dow Corning bankruptcy. How can I withdraw my claim since I did not receive a Participation Form?
Q16-36: My client has a Dow Corning breast implant claim and a claim for a hip implant against Wright Medical Technologies. Can she participate in the Settlement Option for her Dow Corning breast implant and separately pursue a lawsuit against Wright Medical Technologies?
Q16-37: My insurer is not on the Settling Insurer’s list. Does this mean that I have to reimburse my insurer from my payments in the Dow Corning Settlement Option?
Q16-38: Is the Inamed fund part of the Dow Corning bankruptcy? How do I apply for the Inamed fund?
Q16-39: If I sign the Participation Form and then later receive a letter from the Settlement Facility stating that my Proof of Manufacturer is deficient or unacceptable, can I withdraw my election to settle and opt-out?
Q16-40: Is there a form that I should use when I send in additional information for a re-review?
Q16-41: I would like to contact an attorney to discuss my case. Is there a list of attorneys who are willing to accept cases?
Q16-42: Are allowable expenses taken from the gross amount before attorneys fees or from the client’s net settlement?
Q16-43: I received a letter from the Settlement Facility stating that the MDL 926 Claims Office had asserted a lien against my claim. I don’t understand this. What should I do?
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